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Relisting a home is never a pleasurable experience, here are 6 quick tips that you can use to never relist again.

1. Get a Single Property Website


Single property websites are the modern day Realtors secret weapon to selling their listings and eliminating relisting all together. Agents from Sotheby’s International found a 22% increase in sales with 1.25 million dollar higher sale prices than industry standards. Here are a few good example of single property websites BeveryHills and LuxuryLane.

2. Always Stage the House


Staging the home whether it be hiring a full staging company or just a little aesthetic reorganization can have a huge impact on potential buyers. According to the National Association of Realtors® 2015 Profile of Home Staging. Staging can increase sale price by 1-5%, in addition to leaving a positive impression on 96% of buyers. Surprisingly, only 34% of all homes are staged! This leaves huge opportunities for you and your clients to capitalize by staging your homes.

3. Take Good Photos


Its scary how often Realtors post blurry pictures of their listings on mls and stand befuddled on why their homes take forever to sell. Fix your pics, but don’t go blow off your money on some super expensive camera. Truth be told most modern day smartphones can take great HD photos, all it takes is a little practice and a steady hand to get some high quaintly listing photos.

4. List the Property Everywhere


Just like the rest of the world real estate has gone online and either you adapt or perish because classified ads won’t cut it. Buyers use home search engines like Zillow or Trulia and you want your home(s) to show up everywhere. The more exposure your home(s) get the better.

5. Give the Best Price the First Time


Sellers often over value their homes leading to the home not being sold, the home builds a “reputation” which eventually leads either a price reduction or the sellers thinking its the agents fault. Avoid this a dilemma by listing the best possible price first, this will not only attract more buyers but may cause a bidding war between interested parties.

6. Wrap it up. Closing the deal.

So you got your single property website, staged the house, took some amazing pictures, and finished the postings. Now its time to do what you do best, close that house!