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Information Collection

  1. Purpose of information collection

Our website,, would like to give you personalized experience every time you visit our Site and purchase a single property website. We can only do this if we have adequate information about you. This is the reason why we do information collection.

2. Matters about the information we collect

a. User-supplied information

The Site stores information that the user enters while using This includes name and address, email address, account details, financial information, PayPal information, Social Security number, driver’s license number, and other voluntary information which customers may supply.

b. User’s right to refrain from supplying information

Customers have the right to refuse giving certain information. However, if you decide not to give a piece of information sought, this may limit the features you are able to access from the Site and the full customization of your single property website. The information we ask from you is used to improve the service we provide. While you may refrain from supplying certain information, you may not mislead us with false information or mask your IP address and proxy servers with masking software and similar technology.

c. Collection method

We gather and store information that you enter when you register with us, when you use the Site’s products and services, when you visit our pages, and when you enter sweepstakes and promos. The information we collect from you can be combined with information we access from our business partners.

d. Information we need

During registration with, you will be asked personal information, such as your legitimate full name, birth date, gender, job and industry, email address, and areas of interest. When you access our financial features, you may be asked to provide your Social Security number and driver’s license number. You may also need to answer some questions about the assets you own. When you register with us, expect to receive our full services. You are not anonymous or nameless to us; you are our customer.

e. Collection of your IP and cookie information

When you visit our Site, our server logs automatically records information about your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the pages you open, and information the cookie gathers.

f. Anonymous customers

Site users who visit us anonymously through software and tools offered by some company will not enjoy the personalized service that we offer our registered customers and may be denied a custom single property website.

g. Email communication support

We keep constant updating with our customers through email. You will regularly receive updates on our special offers and services via the email address that you registered with us. When you open an email from us, often receives a confirmation. If you prefer not to receive emails from us, you may need to reset your preferences.

h. External information sources

We receive information about you from external sources and companies, and this is added to what we have stored in your account.

3. About cookies

a. What cookies are

When you open our Site, transfers alphanumeric identifiers through the browser from our system to yours. These are called cookies which enable us to recognize your browser and allow for personalized delivery of service.

b. User’s options

Users may opt to accept or reject cookies. Go to the help portion of your toolbar to choose the option you prefer. Opting to reject our cookies, however, will hinder you from taking advantage of the full feature of our services.

Information Sharing

  1. General

We value and respect the information you provide us and regard users’ information as critical assets of our business. We will never sell or expose your information to any vulnerability. We will always protect the privacy of information shared by users to us. There are very rare instances when may share your information with subsidiaries, but these instances are in the protective manner and policies described here under.

2. Agents and other companies

Our wide-ranging and complex operation makes it necessary for us to hire agents and other companies to perform varied functions. Agents may perform verification, take and fulfill orders, take charge of customer communication through email and postal mail, deliver packages, analyze information, design single property websites, provide customer service, and assist in marketing and credit card transactions. In the performance of these agents’ functions, they are given limited information which they can only use in their particular tasks and for no other purpose.

3. Offers and promos

We may sometimes send promotional offers to you on behalf of our business partners. Rest assured that in these instances, we communicate with you directly and we do not disclose your information to these businesses. You can opt not to receive these offers by adjusting your contact preferences in your account.

4. Transfer of business and customer information

In the course of our business, we may sometimes find the need to acquire and sell stores, subsidiaries, or business entities. Should this happen, customer information is included in the transferred assets subject to Privacy Policy agreements made with customers.

5. Protection of all affected parties

There are instances when it becomes necessary to disclose information – when it is ordered by law; when it is used to enforce’s terms of use and policies; or when it is crucial to the protection of rights, safety and property of the Site, its subsidiaries, its users, and others. Exchange and release of information can be justified to protect against fraud and potential credit risk. We are committed to uphold the privacy policy with customers, and under no circumstances shall we release users’ account and personal information for commercial purposes.

6. Customer consent

Excluding the circumstances described under the Protection of All Affected Parties, you may opt to share your information to third parties. In this case, you will be notified of the information for third-party use, and you will have an option to share or not to share information.

Security of Information

  1. Security software

The Site directs Users to Paypal for all purchases, which uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt and secure any information transmitted from your computer to our system.

2. Logging off

Users are responsible for securing information from their end. As a user, you must give importance to securing your password and properly logging off from your computer especially when other people have access to the computer you use.

User Access to Information

The Site allows the user to easily access, view previously provided information, and update information. Sign into your account and review your information. The quality of your experience depends on how current and how comprehensively you have updated your account information.

User Options

  1. General

As a user, you will always have the right to refuse giving information. You must understand, however, that the ease with which you use the Site’s features will be greatly affected if you withhold some information.

2. Storing of prior information

When you update your personal and account information, a prior copy is stored by the system.

3. Communication with users

We regularly update customers through email or postal mail. You can adjust the settings on email contact preferences. Sign in to your account and reset your preferred options. There are notices that you cannot waive, however, including Conditions of Use, this Privacy Policy Notice, and other legal communication. Website Notification will also be sent to the email address you provided, and will not be subject to the settings on your contact preferences.


The products and services of are designed for legal-age individuals. Minors and those below 18 years old may not use the Site.

Terms and Conditions, Notices, and Modifications

  1. Acceptance of this Notice and the Terms and Conditions

When you visit the Site, you signify your acceptance of’s Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy Notice. Any privacy dispute, damages limitation, disputes arbitration, and application of laws of Tampa, Florida will be subject to this Privacy Policy Notice and the Site’s Terms and Conditions. For any privacy issue or related concern, please send an email to so we can help you with it.

2. Modification of this Notice and the Terms and Conditions

The Site reserves the right to modify provisions of this Privacy Policy Notice and the Terms and Conditions to keep abreast of changes in the industry.

3. Applicability of this Notice and the Terms and Conditions

This Privacy Policy Notice covers all user information, unless specifically stated. We commit to the protection and security provided by our privacy policies and will never introduce substantial changes to weaken information protection.

User-supplied Information

  1. General

When you sign up as a user of our Site, we collect information from you.

2. Information provided by users

Your full legal name, address, and phone numbers are the usual information gathered. We may also ask for information about your PayPal account, Social Security, user submitted single property website information and driver’s license numbers.

Non-user supplied Information

  1. General

While the information we collect are those generally supplied by you, there are also pieces of information that are shared to us without your control.

2. Usual information shared automatically

The following are some details that our system collects without the need for you to input them:

  • Your IP address
  • Log-in information: email address and password
  • Browser type and version
  • Your computer’s operating system and platform
  • Purchase history
  • URL visited from our website, date and time, cookie information, and pages viewed
  • Information linked for single property websites.

3. Software

We use JavaScript and other software to record and analyze your transactions and visits to our Site. Our tools make it possible for us to collect and measure session information, such as page response time, page interaction, length of visit to pages, services used, download errors, and the like.

User-accessible information

  1. General

We process the information collected from you to enhance the quality of your experience while you use our products and services. You may also access this information in a variety of ways.

2. Information accessible to users

You may easily access your updated information. This includes:

  1. Personal information such as name, email address, password, preference setting, fast-ordering setting, communication with us, and address book;
  2. Services recently accessed;
  3. Single property website details
  4. Account balances; and
  5. Settings for email notification.

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